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Big Raven Tomaselli Print
Big Raven Tomaselli Print

Big Raven

Fred Tomaselli, American, born 1956

This archival quality Giclee (zhee-clay) print reproduction of Fred Tomaselli's original painting, Big Raven, has been produced with high density pigmented inks tested for 100-year stability. The heavy-weight paper is un-chlorinated and acid-free. Prints are available either unframed or matted and framed. Frames are made of wood and come in Black, Cherry, Gold, and Black&Gold.

Includes text "Fred Tomaselli Brooklyn Museum" below image.

Available in three sizes:
16" x 20" (Inside image: 10" x 13.5")--Small
22" x 28" (Inside image: 14" x 18")----Medium
32" x 40" (Inside image: 21" x 25")----Large

This item is part of our Art-on-Demand collection. It's custom-produced and delivered within 2-3 weeks. Expedited shipping and gift-wrapping are not available. Please see additional information.

Item # Small 16x20 UNFRAMED 018315
Item # Medium 22x28 UNFRAMED 018316 (Big Raven Tomaselli Print)

Item # Large 32x40 UNFRAMED 018317 (Big Raven Tomaselli Print)

Item # Small FRAMED 018315+015682 (Big Raven Tomaselli Print)

Item # Medium FRAMED 018316+15750 (Big Raven Tomaselli Print)

Item # Large FRAMED 018317+15751 (Big Raven Tomaselli Print)