Banners from The Dinner Party Postcard Box

  • $ 995

Assorted postcards featuring tapestry banners from The Dinner Party by Judy Chicago. The Dinner Party is a symbolic history of women in Western civilization to honor women's achievements. The six woven banners that are reproduced here are intended to be heraldic, leading the viewer into the darkened chamber where The Dinner Party is installed. The phrases that are included on the tapestries introduce the idea that one of the goals of this work is to bring about greater equality through an increased appreciation of women and all that they have contributed to the world.

The six entry banners: And She Gathered All Before Her, And She Made for Them a Sign to See, And Lo They Saw a Vision, From This Day Forth Like to Like in All Things, And Then All That Divided Them Merged, And Then Everywhere Was Eden Once Again.

18 full-color postcards (3 each of 6 designs) in a decorative box.

Dimensions: 41ā„4 in. x 6 in.

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