Ed Ruscha “OUR FLAG” at the Brooklyn Museum

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"Any flag that flies for 250 years deserves to be a little soiled, but nothing this extreme." -Ed Ruscha


"OUR FLAG" (2017) is a new work by renowned American artist Ed Ruscha currently on view in the museum. His bold interpretation of a frayed American flag stands as a conflicted symbol of patriotism and democratic ideals, and we hope it encourages visitors to get involved and reflect on their own civic engagement. Brooklyn Museum is proud to once again serve as a polling site for our Brooklyn neighbors to cast their ballots. If Brooklyn Museum is your site, we’ll see you for early voting October 24—November 1, or on November 3, 2020 for Election Day. In the meantime, you can wear this tee to remind those to VOTE. Printed in both sides on a soft cotton tee in black, this shirt is a great conversation starter. 

Learn more about "OUR FLAG" at the Brooklyn Museum here.  

Purchase a tee by clicking here

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