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Above: Andrea of AND AND NYC.

“ When I first started making jewelry it was because I needed a creative outlet from my so-called creative job. My ideas were constantly being dumbed down, so I needed a space to let my creative energy flow freely. ”


As the museum anticipates our reopening, we look forward to one of our favorite outdoor events: The Market at Brooklyn Museum. In the meantime, together with our marketplace partner, Brooklyn Pop-Up, we are highlighting several of our outdoor vendors in a Virtual Marketplace. Along with handcrafted products that are available for direct purchase, there are interviews with each of our highlighted vendors and photos to give more context to their work. Please follow the link below to visit the Virtual Marketplace and learn more about our amazing vendors!  


Brooklyn Museum Shop:  Tell us about A New Day, A New Dawn NYC:

AND: A New Day, A New Dawn NYC (And And NYC), is a Bronx-based hand-crafted beaded jewelry company owned and operated by Andrea. All of the pieces are made with love and joy. We create wearable art that make women and men look and feel fly. At And And NYC, we are obsessed with textures and patterns. We utilize responsibly sourced fair-trade African beads and fabrics, natural materials such as cruelty-free beetle wings or snake vertebrae, gemstones and various metals to create our beaded jewelry.  Andrea’s background includes over fifteen years of experience as a visual artists/fashion stylist in prominent department stores and NYFW. She began taking metal jewelry-making courses as a hobby several years ago as a means of self-expression, with no intent upon making it into a business. However, in 2016, while traveling abroad Andrea passed markets full of beautiful beads and fabrics. She purchased a ton of beads and soon started to create beaded earrings for herself. Family and friends loved her work, so she began A New Day, A New Dawn NYC in 2018 and hasn’t looked since.

BKMS: How do you create your products? 

AND: I create products by first choosing a seasonal theme and color palette that speaks to me. From there I source beads, fabrics and stones that align with my vision. Once I feel like I’ve collected everything needed, I lay everything out to begin the process of building ideas and color stories. I prefer drawing out my ideas, because that feels more organic and quicker to me than creating a computer rendering.  Because I’m excited to see how pieces will come out, I usually create roughly 20 samples within a month. Once the samples are created, I wear them myself to gauge whether I’d like to make changes to the pieces or not. As pieces pass my “approval” process I begin to produce sets.  


BKMS: Why do you make them?   

AND: When I first started making jewelry it was because I needed a creative outlet from my so-called creative job. My ideas were constantly being dumbed down, so I needed a space to let my creative energy flow freely. Now, I make jewelry because I am constantly in awe and humbled by the fact that people love and shop the ideas that come out of my head. For people to see, appreciate and understand my vision is priceless. I am grateful. It fuels me to keep creating bolder designs.










BKMS:  Can you tell us how this relates to your products?

AND: Because consumers trust me and allow me to freely create, I up the ante each season. For example, I’ve made a mens bracelet that includes snake vertebrae and for women I’ve created the Jediah’s Oddities Collection, which are one-of-a-kind opposite pairs earrings.  

BKMS: What is your connection to Brooklyn? 

AND: Other than my obsession with the Brooklyn Promenade, all of my wood pieces are hand-carved and stained in my friend’s Bed-Stuy brownstone. Also, from time to time, I work with a few Brooklyn-based merchants from West Africa that help me find the most unique fair-trade beads and fabrics. I am mostly excited about working with a Brooklyn-based artist to create a capstone collection for this coming season.

BKMS: What were some of your inspirations in creating the current collection? 

AND:Jungle Fever is inspired by the bright and bold textures, patterns and colors of the jungle. My goal was to create pieces that make people feel happy and alive, given the circumstances we are in now. I wanted the collection to represent life. While creating the collection, I set the tone by listening to a mixture of Fela and house music to help me get the vibe right.






The Brooklyn Museum Shop is excited to virtually offer The Market at Brooklyn Museum with our marketplace partner, Brooklyn Pop-Up. To shop, please follow the link, here.


All images ©AND AND NYC, 2020.

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