Andy Warhol: Lives of the Artists by Robert Shore


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128 Pages

7.54 × 5.03 in.

King of Pop Art Andy Warhol is one of the greatest artists
of all time. Rarely venturing into public without his camera
and tape recorder, Warhol was a great observer and
documentarist of the American social scene.
Somewhere within the iconic images, carefully-made personae,
star-studded milieu, million-dollar price tags and famous quotes
lies the real Andy Warhol. But who was he?

With Andy Warhol,Robert Shore unfolds the multidimensional
Warhol, dissecting his existence as undisputed artworld
hotshot, recreating the amazing circle that surrounded him,
and tracing his path to stardom back through his early career and
his awkward and unusual youth. After Warhol, nothing would be
the same - he changed art forever. Find out how with his
remarkable story.

'Lives of the Artists' is a new series of brief artists biographies
from Laurence King Publishing. The series takes as its inspiration
Giorgio Vasari's five-hundred-year-old masterwork, updating it
with modern takes on the lives of key artists past and present.
Focusing on the life of the artist rather than examining their work,
each book also includes key images illustrating the artist's life.

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