Everybody Has A Body by Jon Burgerman

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32 Pages

9.65 × .14 × 9.69 in.

Reading Level age: 3 - 6 years

Whether your body is big, small, short or tall 'Everybody Has A Body' shows us that it is something to celebrate and be proud of.


Watch a video of author and illustrator Jon Burgerman reading here: 


Jon Burgerman is a UK born, NYC based artist instigating improvisation and play through drawing and spectacle. He is a purveyor of doodles and is often credited and referenced as the leading figure in the popular 'Doodle' art style. His work is placed between fine art, urban art and pop-culture, using humor to reference and question his contemporary milieu. His is a pervasive and instantly recognizable aesthetic that exists across a multitude of forms including canvases, large scale murals (indoor and outside), sculpture, toys, apparel, design, print and people (as tattoos and temporary drawings). 

Check out Jon Burgerman's collaboration with Brooklyn Museum Shop by clicking here. 

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