Art Spaces Brooklyn Museum: Building for the Future

Art Spaces Brooklyn Museum: Building for the Future

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The Brooklyn Museum is the second largest art museum in New York City and one of the world's cultural treasures. It is housed in a 560,000-square-foot landmark Beaux-Arts building designed by McKim, Mead & White in 1893. If the immense structure the architects originally envisioned had been fully realized, it would have been the largest museum building in the world. Ultimately, however, only one-sixth of the planned building was completed.

This book traces the step-by-step execution of the McKim, Mead & White design and the building's subsequent evolution. It focuses on the progressive campaign of renovation and renewal which the Museum has embarked upon in recent years, featuring archival images and culminating in a presentation of the 2004 entrance pavilion.

2004, 64 pages, softcover.

Dimensions: 4 in. x 6.5 in.

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