Cold Brew Chocolate Bar

Cold Brew Chocolate Bar

COCO Chocolatier

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  • $7.65 for Members

This bar is an uplifting combination of dark chocolate and locally roasted coffee. Working with an Edinburgh-based roaster, we choose the best seasonal coffee beans and create beautiful flavor profiles. Nuts, blood orange, and caramels are among the few notes that you might discover in this energizing chocolate.

Product details

61% single origin Colombian dark chocolate

2.8oz, Vegan, Gluten Free

Artwork: Rachael Hood

Meet the artist

Rachael Hood graduated from Glasgow School of Art, Scotland, in 2017, having completed a degree in sculpture and communication design. She is now an Illustrator, printmaker, and art director based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Rachael’s preferred medium is collagraph, a somewhat ephemeral form of printmaking, with each handmade plate only lasting for a certain number of prints. Each print takes on a unique look, as the collagraph plates are usually made from cardboard or other textural materials that may print differently each time.

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