Colombian Milk Chocolate Bar

Colombian Milk Chocolate Bar

COCO Chocolatier

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This bar is smooth and well-balanced, with pleasant milky tones, a dark color, and defined chocolate and caramel notes. The acidity of the chocolate and the creaminess of milk complement each other perfectly.

Product details

40% single origin Colombian milk chocolate

2.8oz, Vegetarian

Artwork: Rachael Hood

Ingredients: sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, milk powder, emulsifier: non-GMO soya lecithin, natural vanilla flavor. Allergens: milk, soya. No gluten containing ingredients.

Meet the artist

Rachael Hood graduated from the Glasgow School of Art, Scotland, in 2017, having completed a degree in sculpture and communication design. She is now an Illustrator, printmaker, and art director based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Rachael’s preferred medium is collagraph, a somewhat ephemeral form of printmaking, with each handmade plate only lasting for a certain number of prints. Each print takes on a unique look, as the collagraph plates are usually made from cardboard or other textural materials that may print differently each time.

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