Gin & Tonic Dark Chocolate Bar

Gin & Tonic Dark Chocolate Bar

COCO Chocolatier

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Aromatic lemon & lime oils give it its subtle & refreshing taste. Single-origin dark chocolate carries you through its glorious flavors until the juniper berry oil reveals itself as a finishing sharp touch on your palate. 

Product details

61% single origin Colombian dark chocolate.

2.8oz, Vegan

Artwork: Palefroi

Meet the artist

Palefroi are the duo Damien Tran and Marion Jdanoff, French artists and screenprinters based in Berlin. Multiplying each other’s projects, they formalized their partnership in 2013 by creating Palefroi, a framework that embraces all of their practices—in particular, self-publishing books and prints.

Palefroi is the name they use to sign all of their pieces. Tran and Jdanoff constantly go back and forth between their individual and their collective work, with their language as a duo at the crossroads of their respective worlds. One is formal and abstract, the other narrative and figurative.

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