JR: The Chronicles of New York City

JR: The Chronicles of New York City

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The Chronicles of New York City, the centerpiece of the exhibition, is a new epic mural of more than one thousand New Yorkers that is accompanied by audio recordings of each person’s story. All of the projects on view honor the voices of everyday people and demonstrate JR’s ongoing commitment to community, collaboration, and civic discourse.

This book tells the story of how the mural was made. It includes over 1,000 individual portraits, selected first-person accounts from participants, behind-the-scenes photos. With a foreword by Anne Pasternak, this book includes a removable poster of the mural tucked in a pocket on the inside front cover. 

Jr: Chronicles is a soaring multimedia installation, and the first major exhibition in North America of works by the French born artist. Over the past two decades, working at the intersections of photography, social engagement, and street art, JR collaborates with communities by taking individual portraits, reproducing them at a monumental scale, and wheat pasting them–sometimes illegally–in nearby public spaces giving visibility, and agency to a broad spectrum of people around the world. 

Published with Chronicle Books

9.13 x 10.7 inches,160 pages

Hardcover, with cloth case removable accordion-folded poster in pocket, and more than 1,000 b/w and full-color photographs. 


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