APERTURE 229 Future Gender

APERTURE 229 Future Gender

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Aperture Magazine

#229, Winter 2017

Future Gender

The Winter edition of Aperture magazine is a landmark issue dedicated to the representation of transgender lives, communities, and histories in photography. Guest edited by Zackary Drucker, the artist, activist, and producer of the acclaimed television series Transparent, “Future Gender” considers how trans and gender-nonconforming individuals have used photography to imagine new expressions of social and personal identity, from the nineteenth century to today.

Exhibitions to See: Family Pictures, Susan Meiselas, Adolf de Meyer, and Torbjørn Rødland

Maika Pollack on How to Get Rid of Pimples, 1984

Natalie Krick’s Natural Deceptions
By Rebecca Bengal

By Gillian Wearing

Aperture Beat

Object Lessons
Movie Poster for The Queen, 1968

Editors’ Note: Future Gender

Gender Is a Playground
Kate Bornstein in Conversation with Zackary Drucker

To Appear as We Please
By Susan Stryker

Eric’s Ego Trip
By Jack Halberstam

The Marlow La Fantastique Show
By Diana Tourjee

Rrose is a Rrose Revisited
By Jennifer Blessing

Burning Down the House
Catherine Opie in Conversation with Maggie Nelson

Mariette Pathy Allen
Introduction by Philip Gefter

Jess T. Dugan
Introduction by Chase Joynt

Kike Arnal
Introduction by Josefina Fernández

Amos Mac & Juliana Huxtable
Introduction by Jenna Wortham

Nelson Morales
Introduction by Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes

Josué Azor
Introduction by Patrick Sylvain

Nick Sethi
Introduction by Jyoti Dhar

Sabelo Mlangeni
Introduction by Sean O’Toole

Tobias Zielony
Introduction by Arnold van Bruggen

Ethan James Green
Introduction by Michael Schulman

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