Miyavie Clock

  • $140.00
  • $126.00 for Members

Polyethylene resin

9.8 × 4.4 × 4.4in

Made in Japan

Thin filaments of polyethylene resin are intricately weaved and melt-processed together with enough airspace separating them to deliver the spring-like cushioning that can only be experienced through MIYAVIE. The type of resin, shape, density, weight, and degree of flexibility can all easily be changed to fit its function, whether it be for art, interior design, or furniture. From the materials and techniques used in its production to its longevity and hygienic properties, every bit of this new material has been created for a lifestyle that did not exist until now. Its net-like structure that gently wraps around the air gives it a supple feeling, like the love a mother feels when wrapping a newborn.

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