Cottage Cushion, Black

Donna Wilson

  • $88.00
  • $79.20 for Members

This Cottage Cushion is inspired by Derek Jarman’s Prospect Cottage which stands on the shingle-covered shores of Dungeness.

Product details:

Made from 100% lambs wool

Knitted in Scotland, then stuffed with polyester and hand-finished in their London studio. 

16.5 x 16.5 in

Meet the designer:

Donna Wilson’s story starts in rural Aberdeenshire, where she spent her childhood on her parents’ farm. "We used to have an old hen house that became a cabin of craft . . . a place to hide from adults and have adventures. I would create sculptures from branches and twigs, make mud pies and serve them in old pots and pans," she says. Through these early experiments, she developed a love for the natural landscape, wildlife, and of course, making things—mostly from textiles, using handcrafted techniques such as felting, sewing, knitting, and wrapping. When she was old enough, Donna packed her bags and set off for London, where she honed her home-taught talents at the Royal College of Art. It was there that she knitted her very first creatures and began selling them to local shops in the city.

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