Janie Korn de Kooning Woman Candle

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Janie Korn de Kooning Woman Candle
Hand painted in wax with organic cotton wick
Dimensions roughly 3"x 4" 
Bottom of candle has a signature sticker 


New York based artist Janie Korn has created an exclusive collection of candles inspired by works in the Brooklyn Museum collection. Each candle is hand painted, and completely one-of-a-kind. 

In this dynamic work, part of Willem de Kooning’s Woman series, the image is neither fully abstract nor completely representational. Human body parts, though discernible, are obscured by rich and frenzied painterly lines. Facial features are the artist’s only concession to an identifiable figure. The masklike face, flattened forms, and almond-shaped eyes show the influence of Pablo Picasso, whose work fascinated de Kooning from an early age. Read more about this work here. 

Janie Korn is a New York based visual artist, curator, and content producer. 

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