Studio 54 VIP Tote

  • $15.54
  • $13.98 for Members

100% cotton
13 x 15 in.
Silkscreen print
Machine washable


Studio 54 regular Andy Warhol reflected the glamor and excitement of the nightclub in a series of works based on the club’s VIP ticket, which is included in our exhibition and inspired this tote bag. The disco-inspired color palette, the iconic logo, and the energetic expression of Warhol’s process all reflect the hedonism and exhilaration of the club and its many devotees. The success of Studio 54, as Warhol said, is that ‘Studio 54 is a dictatorship at the door, but a democracy on the dance floor.’

The exhibition Studio 54: Night Magic traces the radiant history, social politics, and trailblazing aesthetics of the most iconic nightclub of all time. Behind the velvet rope, partygoers of all backgrounds and lifestyles could come together for nights of music, dazzling lights, and "The Hustle".  Highlighting the revolutionary creativity, expressive freedom, and sexual liberation celebrated at the world-renowned nightclub, Studio 54Night Magic uses photography, fashion, drawing, film, never-before-exhibited costume illustrations, set proposals, and designs to place the nightclub within the wider history of New York. 

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