Trap Door: Trans Cultural Production and the Politics of Visibility

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448 pages.


Trap Door is necessary for now, a collection of essays unafraid of the messy contradictions of capitalism and its deleterious effects on bodies, movement, and land. This collection anchors us in 'the paradox of this moment,' increased transgender visibility alongside proliferating violence and rejection of transgender people personally, socially, and politically. Transdisciplinary and trans-historical, this text not only allows us to think race, gender, sexuality, and the state, simultaneously; it also contends with the material, ideological, and epistemological ramifications of visibility. The book is not simply about knowing or seeing, or even feeling; it makes its readers conscious of how it is we have come to know, see, and feel. This collection is a model text, a must read that demonstrates the highest potential of Transgender Studies as a field.

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