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Apostrophe Puzzles

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This puzzle features original artwork by Hodaya Louis, a third-generation interdisciplinary artist whose paintings and drawings manifest her personal landscape, often including private moments in the lives of women. Her expressive brushstrokes evoke the tensions and intricacies that exist between hard and soft, the ephemeral and eternal. Born in Israel to an Afghan mother and American father, she has always been drawn to the tensions and intricacies that exist between Eastern and Western Jewish culture. She is strongly influenced by her Orthodox upbringing, multi-cultural background, music, and training in fashion design.

Product details

1000 pieces

24 x 24 inches

Meet the brand

Founded in Brooklyn in 2019, Apostrophe Puzzles creates modern, fun, and vibrant jigsaw puzzles that celebrate the work of contemporary artists of color. Each of their bold, curated puzzles is an original artwork aimed at making art consumerism more inclusive, accessible, and sustainable. The puzzles are made with 100% recycled chipboard and printed with eco-friendly, non-toxic ink. Apostrophe Puzzles believes that supporting our artists and investing in our communities is a necessary step toward correcting systems of economic, social, and institutional injustice. At least 10% of each purchase goes back to the featured artists, and an additional portion of each sale is donated to a nonprofit organization working to expand arts education and accessibility in communities of color. Apostrophe Puzzles is Black-owned, woman-led, and dedicated to a future of art consumerism in which everyone can participate.

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