Peter Coffin, Mug

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Peter Coffin, Mug, 2017.
11 oz ceramic mug
Screen printed
Made in America

Anger Management was a pop-up shop in the Brooklyn Museum featuring limited-edition objects with themes of resistance, hope, and protest in 2017, one year after the 2016 presidential election. The artist and designer made objects were selected by art historian Andrianna Campbell and artist Marilyn Minter.

"We titled this pop-up shop Anger Management in order to highlight our response to, and our displeasure with, so many wrongs: the immigration ban; the attacks on the EPA; the continued violence against people of color, queer, gender non-conforming individuals, and religious minorities; the intimidation tactics of white supremacists and a blossoming Neo-Nazi movement (when we lost over 400, 000 Americans fighting Nazis and fascism abroad); and the rescission of labor rights and workers’ benefits. As conscientious individuals, anger seems like an irrational response, but at this stage, it is the most rational response that a progressive body may have. May these objects by artists and designers allow conversations to prevail in environments fostered by love, acceptance, and understanding."
-  Andrianna Campbell and Marilyn Minter
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