Actually Curious, Happy Hour Edition

Curiosity Lab

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Eco-friendly & socially conscious: Produced with ethical labor and a sustainable paper supply, Actually Curious is a family-led, Black-owned business.

Time to amplify happiness! This second deck of questions, the Actually Curious Happy Hour Edition, is a fun icebreaker game that celebrates the things that make us happy!

With 52 pink question cards, this deck has one level of questions that are meant to be played alone or as a warm-up to the original Curiosity Edition, and the Human Rights Editions.

The Happy Hour Edition includes questions that explore our dreams, ambitions, and cherished memories to help foster positivity, gratitude, and connection with family, co-workers and friends old and new.

Product details:

52 magenta colored cards

2.5 x 3.5 x 0.75 in.

More info:

The Happy Hour Edition references research across mindfulness, healing, positivity, and self love practices to help individuals and groups support their mental well being and to manifest joy and happiness.

How it works:

Unlock happiness! The Happy Hour Edition contains light icebreaker questions that get you warmed up for the Curiosity and Human Rights Editions. To play, simply select a question and take turns actively listening to each other’s answers.

Active Listening means listening attentively while someone else speaks, affirming what they are saying, and reserving judgment and advice as inappropriate for this moment.


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