Dance Me to the Moon Tote

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100% cotton
13 x 15 in.
Silkscreen print, image on one side only
Machine washable

“When the spoon was coming down . . . it was like being inside a pinball machine.” —Judy Licht, 2018

The Moon and Spoon is one of the most iconic elements of Studio 54. Symbolizing the nightclub's spirit of excitement and liberation, the Moon and Spoon can be seen throughout our exhibition. It was designed by Richie Williamson, an NYC based artist and photographer who was highly active with studio during its heyday, creating many of the sets and backdrops. This collaboration with the Brooklyn Museum is a celebration of that ephemera and time.

Image 2: The Moon and Spoon with Planets, 1977. Aerographics: Richie Williamson (American, born 1947) and Dean Janoff (American, born 1948). Airbrushed plywood, with lighting and hoisting mechanisms. Courtesy of Richie Williamson. 

The exhibition Studio 54: Night Magic traces the radiant history, social politics, and trailblazing aesthetics of the most iconic nightclub of all time. Behind the velvet rope, partygoers of all backgrounds and lifestyles could come together for nights of music, dazzling lights, and "The Hustle".  Highlighting the revolutionary creativity, expressive freedom, and sexual liberation celebrated at the world-renowned nightclub, Studio 54Night Magic uses photography, fashion, drawing, film, never-before-exhibited costume illustrations, set proposals, and designs to place the nightclub within the wider history of New York. 

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