Participating Authors and Illustrators, 2017.



Selina Alko Why Am I Me?

If the first step toward healing the world is to build bridges of empathy and celebrate rather than discriminate, Why Am I Me? helps foster a much needed sense of connection, compassion, and love.

"A mindful, captivating ode to wonder and a must for any story- or bedtime repertoire."—Kirkus Reviews

"…[A] benevolent, multicultural landscape depicted in lushly textured, jewel-toned collage and paint."—Publisher's Weekly

Adam Auerbach Monkey Brother

Little brothers can be a handful. They’re wild and messy. They follow you everywhere, and they love to copy everything you do. But what if

your little brother was a monkey?

"Negative and positive are balanced, ending on an upbeat tone;older siblings everywhere will recognize the challenges inherent in
showing unconditional love."—Kirkus Reviews

"Upbeat and charming, this makes little siblings seem not so bad."Booklist

Gabrielle Balkan 50 States of the U.S.A.

Explore skyscraper streets, museum miles, local food trucks and city parks from Anchorage to Washington D.C., and discover more than

2,000 facts that celebrate the people, culture, and diversity that have helped make America what it is today.

"There are Tlingit nation canoes in Alaska, Walden Pond in Massachusetts, Harpers Ferry in West Virginia (but also the first pepperoni roll

and first red-brick street; not all icons are serious business).”Kirkus Reviews

"A stylish atlas that evokes the character and diversity of the country, equally suitable for coffee tables or family vacations - Publishers Weekly

Artie Bennett Belches, Burps and Farts: Oh My!

With Bennett's signature combination of real science and zany rhyme, kids will learn the how, why, and where of gas-tastic eruptions made

by people and animals.

Peter Brown  Creepy Pair of Underwear

Jasper Rabbit is NOT a little bunny anymore. He’s not afraid of the dark, and he’s definitely not afraid of something as silly as underwear.

But when the lights go out, suddenly his new big rabbit underwear glows in the dark.

"Balances a really spooky premise with the hilarity that accompanies any mention of underwear. Perfect for those looking for a scary

Halloween tale that won't leave them with more fears than they started with."—Kirkus Reviews

* "Once again, Reynolds and Brown are in perfect comedic synch as they channel the surprises and creeping dread of a thriller. Brown’s noir-style b&w illustrations make the most of the premise, and the innate absurdity of being afraid of one’s undergarments will be a surefire winner with many kids." --Publisher's Weekly

Jon Burgerman  Splat!

See what happens when flipping the pages of this gleeful picture book gets you—SPLAT!—a pie in the face, followed by—SQUISH!—an

insect sandwich, and—SPLASH!—a deluge of water balloons.

“Burgerman’s first children’s book is a mess—in a good way…. Set against bright, crayon-colored backdrops, Burgerman’s cartoons,

outlined in thick black lines, are as in-your-face as it gets…. Good, not so clean fun that will delight.” —Publishers Weekly

Matthew Burgess  Enormous Smallness: A Story of e.e. cummings

Enormous Smallness is a nonfiction picture book about the poet e.e. cummings that is presented in a way that will make children curious

about him and will lead them to play with words and ask plenty of questions as well.

"An eminently friendly introduction to both the poet and his spirit—deceptively simple, just like its subject."Kirkus Reviews

“It's important to get your kid to sleep, but a good bedtime reading does a lot more—it can inspire them in ways that will serve them well

later on. That's the message of Enormous Smallness, a new picture book biography of the poet e.e. cummings.” Fatherly

Ruth Chan  Georgie’s Best Bad Day

Even when nothing is going right for anyone, Georgie and Friends learn that bad days always go away when you're with friends.

“This fun take on the power of friendship and overcoming obstacles through humor presents a valuable but subtle lesson on coping with bad

days.”School Library Journal

“For any kid who has spent part of the day face-down on the ground in utter defeat, Georgie and his pals make great commiserating

companions.”Kirkus Reviews

Catia Chien  Things to Do

Things to Do brings to life the small moments and secret joys of a child's day. There are wonders everywhere. In the sky and on the

ground—blooming in a flower bed, dangling from a silken thread, buzzing through the summer air—waiting...waiting to be found.

“The poetry is graceful, with key words set in uppercase and descriptors in varying typefaces evoking the moods. Chien’s brushy-textured acrylic illustrations convey the breezy feelings that make the musings soar, employing diaphanous layers that lend a fuzzy, dreamlike feel.

When the day is just waiting be filled with fun, one of the “things to do” may well be to share this with some children.” Kirkus Reviews

Marcos Chin  Mermaids in Wonderland: A Coloring and Puzzle Solving Adventure

Mermaids in Wonderland is a meditative, interactive journey filled with delightful riddles and puzzles that stimulate the mind. As enthusiasts add vivid color to the charming artwork and discover more of this lush wonderland, they will find images of lettered keys embedded in the drawings. Unscrambling the keys reveals the answers to a riddle and unlocks prizes—images representative of the words and tools needed to solve other riddles throughout the book

Shana Corey  A Time to Act

This is the story of JFK—from his childhood to the events that led to his game-changing civil rights address of 1963 and the Civil Rights Act of 1964. In time for what would be JFK's 100th birthday, it offers a sensitive look at a tumultuous time in history and compelling questions about effecting positive change today.

"A well-crafted book that respects the complex president Kennedy was, respects child readers, and respects the sometimes thorny intricacies of conviction.” Kirkus Reviews

Brian Cronin  The Lost House

The children want to go to the park with Grandad, but they can’t leave until they find his lost socks…and his shoes…and even his teeth! Will they ever get out of Grandad’s busy house? With a trove of wonders to discover on every page, this seek-and-find book will enchant young and old alike as they search for Grandad’s lost objects.

"A visual marvel …recalls picture-book classics from the early twentieth century, but the neon palette and whimsical humor place it solidly in the modern era." —Booklist

"Clever, irresistible, and visually engaging."Kirkus Reviews

Angela Dominguez  How Do You Say?

Some people speak Spanish. Some people speak English. Although we may not speak the same language, some things, like friendship, are universal! Follow two young giraffes as they meet, celebrate, and become friends. This bilingual tale will have readers eager to meet new friends and amigos.

“This charming story is as light as air yet carries heft.”—Kirkus Reviews

“This small book will be a favorite for repeated, interactive read-aloud given its child-friendly visual appeal and theme of friendship across languages.” School Library Journal

Kristin Earhart  Race the Wild: Mountain Mission

The last leg of the race lands teams in the Himalayas, one of the most treacherous mountain ranges in the world. But when a rockslide disaster threatens an old friend, Russell and the team must decide whether to go on a rescue mission or race for the win.

"Along with zoological wonders, the race offers exciting challenges aplenty."Booklist

"Fans of survival stories, adventure, puzzles, and mystery will enjoy this..."School Library Journal

Zetta Elliott  Melena’s Jubilee

After being sent to bed early the previous night, Melena wakes to a new day with a song in her heart.

At breakfast, she learns she has been given a “fresh start,” and she decides to celebrate by doing things differently for the rest of the day.

This story introduces children to the concept of jubilee, which stresses the important principles of debt relief, generosity, and forgiveness.

“Little Melena learns the power of a fresh start.…In Melena, Elliott creates a thoughtful, upbeat character whose impulses are convincingly childlike. In between her musings on fresh starts, she plays with her friends (a multiracial group) and helps her grandmother harvest lunch from the garden….Boyd's bright, multimedia illustrations depict a warm, loving family and a cheery urban neighborhood. An author's note provides context on the concept of jubilee―forgiveness―and tips for readers on making their own fresh starts. This cheerful meditation on starting over features a character that's hard not to love.” —Kirkus Reviews

John Patrick Green  Hippopotamister

The zoo isn't what it used to be. It's run down, and Hippo hardly ever gets any visitors. So, he decides to set off for the outside with his friend Red Panda. To make it in the human world, Hippo will have to become a Hippopotamister: he'll have to act like a human, get a job, and wear a hat as a disguise.

"A charming book with a solid message about changing one's life through hard work, imagination, and openness to new experiences." Kirkus Reviews

"A fun and engaging selection for readers just venturing into graphic novels."School Library Journal

Meredith Hamilton  A Child’s Introduction to Art

A Child's Introduction to Art introduces kids ages 9 through 12 to the art world's most famous painters, styles, and periods, all brought to life through full-color photographs of 40 masterpieces, as well as charming original illustrations.

The book highlights 40 painters and sculptors, including Leonardo da Vinci, Claude Monet, Diego Velasquez, Vincent van Gogh, Salvador Dali, Mary Cassatt, and Andy Warhol, providing information on their lives, inspirations, influences, and techniques, and full-color photos of their signature works of art. It also includes an overview of various styles and periods, instruction on how to view and appreciate art, and information on the color wheel and other tools artists employ.

Beth Handman  Josie Meets a Jaguar

When Josie meets a jaguar in the Amazon rainforest, she and her new friend Lucia discover a secret: The forest is in big trouble. Back in Brooklyn, Josie and her gang are ready for action. To save the Amazon, they create a solar company, award-winning photographs, a new dance and the funnest night ever. Will that be enough to save the forest and the jaguar?

“Josie, the irrepressible fourth-grade green crusader, returns with a rousing adventure and an international eco challenge.” Mike Brune, Executive Director of the Sierra Club

Abby Hanlon  Dory Dory Black Sheep

Ever since Dory met Rosabelle, a real true friend whose imagination and high spirits match her own, school has been pretty good. But now the class is learning to read, and it's proving to be a challenge for Dory. While Rosabelle can read chapter books in her head, Dory is stuck with baby books about a happy little farm. Dory wishes for a potion to turn her into a reader, but things don't go as planned.

"Hanlon has a winning way with the story’s characters (real and imaginary) and dialogue.…The third entry in the Dory Fantasmagory series will satisfy the many young chapter-book readers who like their books served with a generous helping of fun."Booklist

Michael Hearst  Curious Constructions

Inside this book, you'll come face-to-face with 50 incredible structures, including a fire-breathing octopus sculpture; a skateboard ramp you'd need to jump the Great Wall of China; a whole community of tree houses in Costa Rica; and a life-size X-Wing Starfighter built of Legos.

"Hearst obviously had a lot of fun compiling this interesting assortment of man-made creations, making great use of wit and puns."—School Library Journal

"The wry humor in Hearst's commentary will keep readers entertained."Publishers Weekly

Edward Hemingway  Mr. Fuzzbuster Knows He’s the Favorite

Mr. Fuzzbuster knows he’s Lily’s favorite. They do everything together. Naps. Story time. Walks. And more naps. But now four more animals live in the house.…To prove he’s still Lily’s favorite, Mr. Fuzzbuster will have to ask her, but will her answer surprise him?

“The boisterous illustrations, rendered in pencil, ink, and digital media, offer a dramatic accompaniment to the story, while the ending gives readers a nice expectation upset.” Booklist

“This tale of who's the preferred pet will charm animal lovers of all stripes.” Kirkus Reviews

Tad Hills  Duck & Goose Colors

Our favorite feathered friends introduce basic colors in this sturdy concept book perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.

“A string of similes offers an introduction to the colors as seen by Hills's endearing birds on a wonder-filled trip outdoors. Yellow equals buttercups, and green, an inchworm and leaves, while the end of Goose's beak is black, "like ants," and Goose's feathers are white, "like the clouds."School Library Journal

Kate Hosford  How the Queen Found the Perfect Cup of Tea

Each day when the Queen wakes up, three maids dress her, two more style her hair, and her butler James makes her tea. But when she grows dissatisfied with her brew, the Queen and James set out in search of the perfect cup.

"Droll entertainment that calls out for an international tea party."Kirkus Reviews
"Swiatkowska's delicious . . . details give Hosford's round-the-world tale offbeat charm, and readers will smile as they watch the Queen shed her haughtiness and embrace her own capabilities."Publishers Weekly

Melissa Iwai  Soup Day

On a cold, snowy day, a young girl and her mother shop to buy ingredients for vegetable soup. At home, they work together―step by step―to prepare the meal.

Iwai's writing debut beautifully depicts the loving relationship between a mother and daughter… Ordinariness made extraordinary.”

Kirkus Reviews

“The brightly colored illustrations--combining acrylics, fabric and paper collage, and digital elements--offer plenty of familiar elements for young children to identify and new ones to explore, such as six kinds of pasta pictured on one page. Satisfying for reading aloud.” Booklist

Nicole Kear  The Fix-It Friends: Have No Fear!

Because being scared stinks! Seven-year-old Veronica Conti knows a thing or two. She knows that recess is the best part of the day. And if someone, like Maya, doesn’t play at recess because she’s too afraid of bugs, well, that’s a HUGE problem! And it has to be fixed, pronto! But when Veronica's big ideas to help Maya backfire, she learns that sometimes, to help others, you need a little help yourself.

“Hooray for these young friends who work together; this diverse crew will have readers looking forward to more.”

Kirkus Reviews

Jane Kelley  The Escapades of Clint McCook

Clint McCool always has a lot of great ideas. That’s what makes him such a great hero. But sometimes he has too many great ideas. Armed with his super-powered cap, his brain flashes, and his two best friends, Clint is ready to solve any problem and find adventure anywhere. When he runs onto a film set, he gets into trouble. A lot of trouble. Can Clint McCool still save the day?

Filled with outrageous situations and graphic-like illustrations, this chapter book is fast-paced and fun... ideal for reluctant readers." —School Library Journal

"Relatable, likable Clint ... could be a great role model for readers who struggle with focus, as he learns that sometimes it is better to be the boss of one idea at a time .... This quirky, fast-paced series starter should easily get kids laughing." —Booklist

Nancy Krulik  Crash!

When Zeke Zander's spaceship crashes on Earth, he and his family must pretend to be humans until they can fix the ship and return home to Planet Z. But with antennae on their heads and a talking cat named Zeus, fitting in is easier said than done!

"Children will chuckle their way through this easy chapter book and delight in Thomas' humorous, blue-toned illustrations." Booklist
"A good choice for reluctant readers." Kirkus Reviews

Will Lach  Master-Pieces: Flip and Flop 10 Great Works of Art

Mix and match pieces of the world’s greatest artworks—from Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa to Gilbert Stuart’s George Washington—to create new portraits. Flip Flora’s pretty hairstyle on the head of a Kabuki actor. Top Frida Kahlo with the straw hat of Vincent van Gogh.

“A well-executed exquisite corpse-style introduction to art history "—Publishers Weekly
"It especially welcome as an option for kinesthetic learners and as a tool for art teachers…. Recommended as an appealing art enrichment addition."School Library Journal

Caron Levis  May I Have a Word?

A battle of the magnet letters ensues across the refrigerator door in May I Have a Word? when C and K get into a fight about who gets to start the cooler (kooler?) words. When the two letters storm off in opposite directions, everything is turned upside down.

"Breezy and boldly visual, it will have children looking at the letters on their own refrigerators with new respect―and it should provide teachers with inspiration for classroom activities, too."―Publishers Weekly

"Keen and clever with a knack for clear instruction."Kirkus Reviews

Laura Ljungkvist  Search and Spot: Go!

A vibrant and playful seek-and-find picture book by the acclaimed Swedish artist and designer Laura Ljungkvist, in which the reader uncovers cars, trucks, and all kinds of things that go hidden in a dazzling array of patterns and colors.

"Ljungkvist’s detailed illustrations ensure that this won’t be just a read-once-and-move-on kind of title.... This is a great purchase to engage lovers of things that go, as well as fans of seek-and-find materials..." School Library Journal

Lauren Magaziner  Pilfer Academy—A School So Bad It’s Criminal

Troublemaking George has never heard of Pilfer Academy, a top-secret school for training young crooks, until he's kidnapped as its newest student. Between disguise classes, cracking safes, and DIY gadgets, George becomes an expert bandit and finds true friendship with Tabitha, his new partner-in-crime. But everything is ruined when George realizes he's just too good-hearted to be a thief!

"Magaziner establishes an anything-can-happen atmosphere from the start …and the goofiness, pranks, and student sabotage don’t let up … an entirely enjoyable twist on a classic boarding school adventure."Publishers Weekly

Magaziner creates another weird and silly world that mirrors Hogwartswithout the magic...A fun fantasy romp."Kirkus Reviews

Denis Markell  Click Here to Start (A Novel)

What if playing video games was prepping you to solve an incredible real-world puzzle and locate a priceless treasure?
Twelve-year-old Ted Gerson has spent most of his summer playing video games. So, when his great-uncle dies and bequeaths him all the so-called treasure in his overstuffed junk shop of an apartment, Ted explores it like it’s another level to beat.

"Humor, believable characters, and adventure...keeps readers in suspense to the end. A winner for mystery enthusiasts."—Kirkus Reviews

In this clever debut, Markell takes readers on a clue-filled adventure...[and] maintains an energetic, entertaining balance of character-driven narrative and tricky challenges." Publishers Weekly

Yona McDonough  The Bicycle Spy

Marcel loves riding his bicycle, whether he's racing through the streets of his small town in France or making bread deliveries for his parents' bakery. He dreams of someday competing in the Tour de France, the greatest bicycle race. But ever since Germany's occupation of France began two years ago, in 1940, the race has been canceled. Now there are soldiers everywhere, interrupting Marcel's rides with checkpoints and questioning. Then Marcel learns two big secrets, and he realizes there are worse things about the war than a canceled race.

"A fine story of war, friendship, and taking a stand against injustice." Kirkus Reviews
"History seamlessly meets fiction as readers learn about a snippet of life in World War II Europe….Students will become engrossed in Marcel's exploits."School Library Journal

Aaron Meshon  Delivery

A grandmother goes to great lengths to send her grandson a care package in this heartwarming and playful picture book.

"The notion that ’love finds a way’ has never been truer than in Meshon’s not-quite-wordless story, in which a grandmother attempts to ship freshly baked cookies to her grandson for his birthday....Shifting perspectives and the sheer ridiculousness of the journey make this cookie-delivery relay a delight."Publishers Weekly
"A box of cookies travels from the kitchen where they're made to a destination across the universe. Meshon's premise is simple but spectacular....The rear endpapers present a visual joke that will have kids wondering just how literally to take those cookies' journey. Meshon's digital illustrations are strange and beautiful, with distinctive shapes and an arresting use of color, negative space and red hearts both figuring prominently in their design. Whimsical delight." Kirkus Reviews

Christopher Silas Neal  Over and Under the Pond

In this book, readers will discover the plants and animals that make up the rich, interconnected ecosystem of a mountain pond. Over the pond, the water is a mirror, reflecting the sky. But under the pond is a hidden world of minnows darting, beavers diving, tadpoles growing. These and many other secrets are waiting to be discovered...over and under the pond.

Playful and lovely to read aloud. Even older budding naturalists will find something to enjoy here."—School Library Journal
"Dazzling."Publishers Weekly

Sean Qualls  Emanuel’s Dream

Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah's inspiring true story—which was turned into a film, Emmanuel's Gift, narrated by Oprah Winfrey—is nothing short of remarkable. Born in Ghana, West Africa, with one deformed leg, he was dismissed by most people—but not by his mother, who taught him to reach for his dreams. As a boy, Emmanuel hopped to school more than two miles each way, learned to play soccer, left home at age thirteen to provide for his family, and, eventually, became a cyclist. Thompson's lyrical prose and Qualls's bold collage illustrations offer a powerful celebration of triumphing over adversity.

"...Simple line drawings and stylish, expressive figures filled with layers of rich, warm color on pale, thickly painted backgrounds—capture Emmanuel’s triumphs beautifully."Booklist

"This powerful and winning picture book tells the story of a young man overcoming the odds."—School Library Journal

Lori Richmond  Pax and Blue

One thing is for sure. Pax is the littlest everywhere he goes. In school. At playtime. On the train. Then Pax meets a pigeon at the park—he names him Blue and makes a friend who knows what it’s like to be small.

“Nicely pitched to young readers' empathies."—Kirkus Reviews

"Speaks volumes about being a good friend." —-Publishers Weekly

Isabel Roxas  Let Me Finish!

When our young hero settles in to read, the last thing he wants is for some noisy animals to ruin the ending of the story. But ruin it they do.

"Call it a preemptive strike: Lê schools children who are new to reading (and probably more likely to be the spoiler than the spoilee) on the evils of the spoiler.... Roxas's mixed-media illustrations take the boy—and readers—on an imaginative journey....There's lots of forward momentum: in trying to evade the creatures, the boy is almost always moving toward the end and thus toward the page turn. There's also a built-in lesson about how books work for new readers—and about how to be considerate when discussing a favorite book in front of others."The Horn B

Sergio Ruzzier  Tales for the Perfect Child

As the eight deliciously wicked tales featured in this hilarious chapter book prove, it’s perfectly nice to be a perfect child—but where’s the fun in that?

"This new edition of a collection by Heide, originally published in 1985, is full of entertaining short stories featuring seemingly perfect children. On the surface, they seem to do exactly as they are told, but young readers will laugh as they realize that this doesn't mean the characters are doing what they are supposed to do....Ruzzier's expressive, wry illustrations, new to this edition, show the perfect children being perfectly devious, and little ones will love pointing out the characters' many schemes. With short sentences ideal for emerging readers, this collection could work for either shared or solo reading. Kids with a bit of a naughty side will be eager to get their hands on these mischievous tales."Booklist

Louella San Juan  The Crowded Kingdom

What if you woke up in Central Park as someone so tiny that you discover a fairy kingdom in New York City? The Crowded Kingdom is the story of two unsuspecting sisters, Jada and Jinny, who find themselves shrunk to the size of dandelions and discover a world of fairies, elves, and other small folk in the underbelly of New York City. Along with several elf friends and a rebellious purple fairy, the girls embark on a journey to find out how to return to their normal size—and get caught up in a magical war instead!

“Nicely illustrated with occasional full-color images, The Crowded Kingdom is a deftly written and thoroughly entertaining modern fairytale adventure that will fire the imagination of young readers and hold their full attention from beginning to end. The Crowded Kingdom is very highly recommended for school and community library fantasy collections.”Midwest Book Review

Julia Sarcone-Roach  Excellent Ed

Everyone in the Ellis family is excellent—except Ed. Ed wonders if this is why he isn’t allowed to eat at the table or sit on the couch with the other children. So he’s determined to find his own thing to be excellent at—only to be (inadvertently) outdone by a family member every time. This funny and endearing story offers a subtle look at sibling rivalry and self-esteem, and will reassure kids that everyone is excellent at something, and that your family loves you, just as you are.

“A warm, welcome reminder that everyone is excellent at something.”Kirkus Reviews

Stephen Savage  Little Plane Learns to Write

The best thing about flight school is that Little Plane gets to learn how to sky-write! He adores practicing ARCS! He excels at practicing DIVES! But not everything is easy and fun. Little Plane loathes practicing LOOPITY-LOOPS. They make him dizzy. Find out what it will take to make Little Plane learn how to write in this little book about big dreams.

"A well-designed winner for ambitious little pilots."―Kirkus Reviews

Amy Marie Stadelmann  The Super Smelly Moldy Blob

Twin sisters Olive and Beatrix don't often get along. Olive is "ordinary" and loves science. But Beatrix is a witch! She has a brain full of tricks, and she uses her magic powers to play pranks on Olive and her best friend, Eddie.

"There is a breezy humor to the dialogue, and some laugh-out-loud commentary by Beatrix's sardonic pet pig. New readers will find satisfaction in being able to handle a longer book. There are sure to be requests for the planned sequel.”School Library Connection

"A nice stepping stone to more advanced chapter books."Booklist

Liz Starin  Splashdance

Ursula, a bear, and Ricardo, a human, are preparing for the water ballet competition, where the prize is a million dollars! But a new regulation at the community pool—no bears—leaves Ursula cut from the contest. Luckily, she encounters a group of undaunted animal swimmers at a local pond, and Ursula and her new team figure out a way to participate in the competition and make sure everyone is welcome at the pool once and for all.

“A creative spin on inclusivity―an issue never before approached through agile polar-bear paw positions or the graceful lifting of camels in the air. Starin’s anthropomorphized cats, chickens, crocs, and more (along with amusing asides in the background) steal the show. It’s a consciously silly pretense, but discussion possibilities abound, and there’s no question it’s funny.”Kirkus Reviews

“The message that loyalty and inclusiveness are important is a valuable one to share with children. Don’t hesitate to jump into this pool.” School Library Journal

Naoko Stoop  Pup and Bear

Here is a picture book that celebrates differences and promotes kindness. During the ice melt that follows an Arctic winter, a wolf cub finds himself spinning out to sea on a sheet of ice. He awakes lost and alone to an unfamiliar smell: a polar bear. And while the polar bear is not the wolf's mother, she takes him on her back to her den, where she feeds him, keeps him warm, and does everything a mother would do. Time passes, the cub grows into a wolf, and soon it's time for him to venture out into the wide world alone. Years later, the now grown wolf comes upon a tiny lost polar bear cub--and the cycle begins again.

"The lyrical writing makes this a wonderful read-aloud. This story of extraordinary kindness may also prompt a discussion of diverse families."—School Library Journal

Neil Swaab  The Secrets to Ruling School: Class Elections

The competition is fierce, but luckily you’ve got a killer campaign manager on your side. With Max’s help, you’ll conquer all the steps of running for office and winning votes, including advertisements, endorsements, campaign speeches, and more. Along the way, you’ll learn more essential skills for thriving in middle school, including making a viral video, trading your lunch in the school cafeteria, and putting a positive spin on any situation.

Neil Swaab once again combines comics, kid-friendly humor, and direct-address narrative perfect for reluctant readers in an innovative format reminiscent of video games that is “sure to hit the mark with middle schoolers in the trenches.”Publishers Weekly

Using second-person narration addressed at the New Kid, Swaab tells the tale between the lines of Max's glib patter and frantic reactions to being outmaneuvered; cartoon line drawings on nearly every page convey side comments and punch lines...Readers who identify with the never-seen New Kid can pat themselves on the back as "you" repeatedly come through in the clutch. Even readers with no political aspirations can pick up several useful cons."Kirkus Reviews

Heather Swain  All Kinds of Kisses

We humans smooch with our lips. But how do giraffes, whales, hummingbirds, tree frogs, and other creatures kiss? It's fun to wonder about and to see in the pages of this charming book, which includes facts about each animal at the end.

"Swain invites readers to contemplate the types of kisses 11 animals might bestow on each other, based on their distinctive mouths, beaks, tongues, and jaws. A grasshopper's mouth, for instance, is "like scissors for chopping up leaves....How would a grasshopper kiss?" ... What is consistent is the tenderness between the adult animals and their offspring, as captured in illustrator Steven Henry's rough-edged, mid-20th-century-retro portraits. A closing spread offers additional details about the sun bears, porpoises, chubsuckers, and other features creatures."Publishers Weekly

Dasha Tolstikova  If a T-Rex Crashes Your Birthday Party

You never know what will happen when a T. Rex crashes your birthday party. Sure, you'll be super excited when he turns up at your door. But then he’ll stomp. He’ll ROAR. He’ll look at you as if he’s wondering how you taste with a little mustard. In the end, though, you just may find yourself asking him to come back next year!

“Playful, doodle like illustrations capture the curiosity of a silly scenario that turns out to be equal parts poignant and giggle-worthy. Evenly dispersed pictures and text punctuate the antics of the dinosaur and his human partygoer buddies, creating a hullabaloo that ends with a sweet, surprising twist. Reading this crowd-pleaser aloud may cause clamorous laughter in even the most serious of story time attendees.” School Library Journal

Colleen Venable  Amy the Red Panda Is Writing the Best Story in the World

Amy the Red Panda starts to tell her best friend Mervin the Sloth a story when—uh-oh—a rainstorm of letters pours down! When it stops, Amy reads a sentence in the sky: Amy the Red Panda is writing the best story in the world.

The BEST story in the WORLD? That’s a tall order. Especially when all of the other animals have their own opinions on what the story should be about. Big animals or small ones? Acrobats? A pirate bird flying the Seven Seas? Oh, dear! Luckily, Mervin is there to give Amy just the right inspiration.

Lesley Ware  My Fab Fashion Style File

This is your personal style sketchbook to create and record your dream looks. Find your style inspiration; learn more about fashion concepts, fabrics, and colors; chart your own style history; design and draw your own looks; and much, much more!

The book also features fab style facts, templates for drawing and designing clothes and figures, fashion lingo, and your fashion constellation.

Sarah Williamson  Where Are You?

“Where are you?” Under the bridge, out of the pond, through the sandbox—these are just a few answers as a little green snake follows a little pink snake in a day at the park. Sarah Williamson’s debut picture book is both a delightfully energetic introduction to prepositions and search-and-find concepts, and a celebration of friendship and imagination. With playful text and fresh, lively illustrations, this is the perfect book to inspire young readers, artists, and explorers.