An Ancient Egyptian Book Of The Dead

An Ancient Egyptian Book Of The Dead

Brooklyn Museum

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By Paul F. O'Rourke

216 Pages

The Book of the Dead of Sobekmose, in the collection of the Brooklyn Museum, is one of the most important surviving examples of ancient Egyptian Books of the Dead. Such “books”—actually papyrus scrolls—were composed of traditional funerary texts, including magic spells, which were thought to assist the deceased on their journeys into the afterlife. 

Virtually all of the existing published translations of material from the Book of the Dead corpus are compilations of various texts drawn from a number of sources, and many translations are available only in excerpt form. This publication is the first to offer a continuous English translation of a single, extensive, major text from beginning to end in the order in which it was composed. This new translation not only represents a great step forward in the study of these texts but also grants modern readers a direct encounter with what can seem a remote and alien, though no less fascinating, civilization.


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