Hank Willis Thomas Wayfarer Lenticular Postcard

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Hank Willis Thomas Untitled (From the Wayfarer series), 2012.
100% Cardboard Paper 
Dimensions- 4" x 6"
Made in USA


This lenticular postcard is from Hank Willis Thomas' Wayfarer series. 

In 2013, ICP launched a site-specific installation featuring work by conceptual photographer Hank Willis Thomas in collaboration with interdisciplinary artist Sanford Biggers. The project examined themes of multiplicity, identity, performance, and gesture. Clad in a divided black and white suit, top hat, and dress shoes, Biggers strikes 13 distinct poses that allude to ""dandies,"" vaudeville performers, dancers, and even Kabuki actors. Inspired by a portrait of a late-19th-century performer, the costume also refers to the Yoruba deity Elegba, the protector of travels and crossroads...This figure, costumed in black and white, refers to the Yoruba deity of Elegba, the protector of travelers and crossroads. The bifocality of the series references in between spaces, transition, and dual consciousness.” —ICP, Hank Willis Thomas and Sanford Biggers
Installation image courtesy of ICP, Hank Willis Thomas and Sanford Biggers.

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