Duke Riley: Tides and Transgressions

Duke Riley: Tides and Transgressions

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The first survey of the twenty-plus-year career of the highly influential multimedia artist Duke Riley, famous for expressing transgressive political and ecological themes through metaphors drawn from nautical folklore and nature.

Duke Riley’s work explores his lifelong fascination with urban waterways, their historical relationship to the culture of life at sea, and the uneasy intersections of human geography with the physical world. His work comments on a range of issues, from the cultural impact of overdevelopment and environmental destruction of waterfront communities to contradictions within political ideologies and the role of the artist in society. This comprehensive monograph collects work from his expansive career, encompassing drawings, sculptures, mosaics, performances, and more than one maritime adventure, including his 
Fly by Night public art project of pigeons illuminated by LED lights flying across the New York City skyline, documentation of his nefarious shell company Non-Essential Consultants, and the mayhem of the 2009 anarchic mock Roman naval battle, Those About to Die Salute You at the Queens Museum.

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9.64 x 12 x 1.15 in.

256 pages

ISBN: 978-0847872411

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