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Skizze (Sketch 160A) by Wassily Kandinsky

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Wassily Kandinsky, Russian, 1866-1944. Skizze (Sketch 160A), 1912.

Skizze 160A (Sketch 160A) was an abstract expression of the turbulence of the era immediately before World War I. It’s forms and erratic marks seem to communicate the chaotic energy that surrounded society during that time. Although the pastel shapes dominate the canvas, deep blues, reds, and purples provide a sense of depth and symbolize the impending darkness that is arising. However, even with the large amounts of forms, marks, and lines, the painting achieves a sense of harmony and common motifs in his artwork such as the horse and the rider, mountain and birds are discernable. The forms and colors also represent a sense of spirituality and encourage viewers to experience the artwork with all their senses.

This print has been produced with the highest quality pigmented, non-toxic, environmentally friendly ink with a color permanence rating of at least 200-year stability. Printed on 100% acid-free cotton fine art paper. Prints are available either unframed or framed. All unframed prints include a suitably sized white border which enhances their look when placed in any standard off-the-shelf frame. Frames are made of wood and available in White, Black, or Light.

Available in two sizes:

16 in. x 20 in. -Medium.
Approximate Measurements
Paper Size: 16.00" W x 20.00"H
Image Size: 13.47" W x 18.00" H

22 in. x 28 in. -Large.
Approximate Measurements
Paper Size: 22.00" W x 28.00"H
Image Size: 19.46" W x 26.00" H

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